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» Partridge Salad
  Ingredients & Making:
  1 skinless & boneless partridge, extra virgin olive oil, old-wined vinegar, water, garlic, laurel, salt and species.

Open-fired low cooked. Packed while hot for autoclave sterilization purposes. Once cooked, it is packed after 48 resting hours

  Degustation suggestions:
  1.Open and serve with the sauce, as it is

2.Inside "Piquillo" peppers served over the sauce. To be served cold or as it is.

3.In a salad, place the partridge in the middle with rusted red pepper or "piquillo" pepper, lettuce and sliced tomatoes on the side (surrounding) - You can also add endives. Then, add the sauce and sherry vinegar.

  Pack & Package:
  Jar 385 grs. 20 jars per box